How Do You Understand the Basics of Electrical Work?

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How Do You Understand the Basics of Electrical Work?

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Electrical Contractors | 4 Immediate Actions To Undertake When Someone Gets An Electrical Shock

Most electric shocks occur because of the human body's contact with a live electrical system, causing electric current to run through it. Electrical shocks are commonly caused thanks to exposed live wires, wet electrical units, faulty appliances and old wiring. Electrical shocks can be small enough to cause a little pain, but they can also be severe enough to render someone unconscious. If someone in your home gets an electrical shock, follow these immediate actions to protect them and get your electrical contractors to assess the faults in your home as soon as you can.

Don't Touch The Person But Switch Off The Electrical System Mains

If you see someone in your family suffering from an electrical shock, don't touch them because they may still be in direct contact with the electricity. If you touch them, you may end up getting an electrical shock. Switch off the main electrical system as quickly as possible to prevent the flow of electricity. Remove all the fuses, unplug all cords and turn off every single power point to block electrical flow. This quick action may end up saving the life of your family member, so be prompt when switching off the electrical mains.

Separate The Person From The Electrical Source

You should ideally use a material that is not a good electrical conductor to move your family member away from direct contact with the electrical source. This will prevent perilous electrical injuries. Household items made from plastic, glass, rubber, stone and wood are usually bad conductors of electricity, so you can use them to separate the person from the source of the electrical shock. Take extra precautions by wearing a pair of rubber boots and gloves if the person is in water because water carries electricity, which could be extremely dangerous for you too.

Call An Ambulance Or Take The Person To The Emergency Unit

If you can take the victim to the nearest emergency unit, then you'll save a ton of time. If not, call for an ambulance immediately and let them know that the person has received an electrical shock.

Call Your Electrical Contractors Immediately

Once you've effectively handled your family member's shock predicament, be sure to call your electrical contractor immediately to identify the source of the shock –– whether it is due to faulty or old a wiring problem or whether it is because of faulty appliances consuming too much power in your home. The electrical contractors will fix the problem, so that it doesn't occur again in your home.

If someone gets an electrical shock in your home, follow these immediate actions and make sure you get your electrical contractors to tackle the problem as soon as possible.