How Do You Understand the Basics of Electrical Work?

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How Do You Understand the Basics of Electrical Work?

Many people fear electrical work, and it's true that there should be a healthy respect of its potential for causing danger. However, learning about electricity is not impossible, and honestly, it's not as scary as you might imagine. Hi, my name is Pat, and I love to help other people with DIY projects. In this blog, I want to focus on electrical work, learning the basics of electricity and related topics. When I'm not writing, I love to surf, teach my son new DIY tricks, spend time with my wife and run. Of course, I also have to work, and during the week, you can find me selling tyres at a local shop.

Advice on how to repair the electric window in your car

All new cars have electric windows. In the old days, windows had to be rolled up and down by hand. While it took extra time to manually operate the windows, you would not experience many problems with the components. However, these days electric windows can cause all sort of trouble.

By doing the work yourself instead of bringing it to a mechanic, you will save yourself substantial money. When you have diagnosed the problem, you need to proceed to open up the window electric system and make the necessary repairs. Here's how to do just that.

Preparation of tools and materials

Whether your car window got broken and the electric window components got damaged, or the window simply stopped working for no apparent reason, the incidence of problems is relatively high. If your window is not moving when you are pressing the up and down button, it's a sign that the power source is being affected. This could be as simple as a blown fuse, something which can be easily repaired. If it's not the fuse, it will either be the motor, the switch or the regulator (the mechanism which lowers and raises the window).

Just like any repair job, you need to have all of the necessary tools and materials on hand when doing the work. The main things you need are a set of screwdrivers, sets of metric sockets, a service manual and a drill. You need to have diagrams and instruction that are relevant to your exact car in order to effectively complete the repair.

Conducting the repair

Your initial step is to remove the door panel in order to test the switch to see if it is working. Disconnect the power connector where it feeds into the motor of the window and use your voltmeter to test the two terminals that are on the connector. Turn your key to the on position and toggle the window switch. If the voltage readings do not meet the requirements of your specific car's needs, the switch is the problem.  If the switch is fine, the problem is the regulator. If the switch is broken, you simply have to unscrew the bolts that are holding it in place and remove the filter that is placed on top of it. Replace it with the new part and put the filter and bolts back in place.

You should completely replace regulator if it is causing the problem. The regulator is the rotatory belt that you will clearly see when the panel of the door is removed, it allows the window to move up and down. A select few car models have regulators that are permanently fixed to the door and will need to be brought to a professional. Most regulators are removable by simply unscrewing the bolts holding it in place and removing it in its entirety. All you then have to do is replace it with the new one. For more information, contact an auto electric repair specialist.