How Do You Understand the Basics of Electrical Work?

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How Do You Understand the Basics of Electrical Work?

Many people fear electrical work, and it's true that there should be a healthy respect of its potential for causing danger. However, learning about electricity is not impossible, and honestly, it's not as scary as you might imagine. Hi, my name is Pat, and I love to help other people with DIY projects. In this blog, I want to focus on electrical work, learning the basics of electricity and related topics. When I'm not writing, I love to surf, teach my son new DIY tricks, spend time with my wife and run. Of course, I also have to work, and during the week, you can find me selling tyres at a local shop.

Why You Need Professional Residential Electrical Services

In this day and age, when so many people seem to be talking very highly about the successes of their DIY projects, it is rather alluring to try and do all repairs in your home yourself. While a lot of problems in your home may require quick DIY fixes, some should be left for professionals to handle. Electrical issues are good examples of problems that often require expert  attention, unless the issue is very minor and does not pose any serious safety risk, e. Read More 

Maintenance Tips for Your Heat Pump That Will Increase Efficiency

A heat pump is essential in your home. However, the energy costs can sometimes get out of hand if you do not make an effort to keep your Mitsubishi heat pump running efficiently. It is possible to drop energy costs associated with your heat pump by substantial amounts by simply making sure that it is maintained properly over time. Many of the maintenance can actually be done on your own if you follow a few helpful heat pump tips. Read More 

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Conducting DIY Electrical Wiring

If you are planning on completing a DIY electrical project, there are some things to know first. By following these tips, the electrical installation or repairs will be safer and more effective. Make Sure the Power is Off You might assume that simply turning off the switches in the room you are working is enough when doing electrical work, but the power needs to be completely off. This means going to the fuse box or electrical box and disconnecting power to whichever rooms you are working in. Read More 

Holiday Decorating: 4 Electrical Safety Tips to Follow

The holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, but it is also important to keep your home and family's safety in mind. While decorating with twinkle lights can really add to the ambiance, it can be a fire hazard as well. Here are some important electrical safety tips to follow when decorating for the holidays. Inspect the Lights Before Hanging After you pull the strings of lights out of the storage boxes, take a few minutes to inspect them. Read More 

When You May Need to Call a Specialist Electrician to Your Home

Most electricians can handle the vast majority of home repair and installation projects, from rewiring circuits for new appliances to installing new outlets and plugs where needed. However, there are times when you may want to call in a specialist electrician to handle certain jobs for your home. This would be an electrician who takes care of electrical jobs that are typically outside the scope of what most general electricians would handle; note when you may need to call such a specialist and how they can help you. Read More